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Logic Controller: Modicon M221

The best-in-class performance

The Modicon M221 just raised the bar higher as far achieving benchmark performance while improving profitability is concerned. It is the most complete Modicon controller. It requires minimal while offering tremendous versatility. This controller is used for controlling simple machines. The Modicon M221 logic controller has various very powerful features hence can serve a wide range of applications. This controller is very easy to configure and is expandable to fit the user’s needs. It can also connect to the internet via the Ethernet hence can be accessed from anywhere in the world hence boosting productivity.

Design, features, and operation

The Modicon M221 Logic controller offers an all-in-one solution that has optimized configurations and expandable architecture.

Embedded solutions

The controller has a number of embedded ports. They include;

  • SD card
  • 2 analog inputs (and a broad choice of 1/O’s)
  • Ethernet and serial line ports
  • Start/Stop switch
  • Cartridge extension

Unmatched flexibility

On top of the embedded solutions, the Modicon M221 allows you to add other modules to meet your needs. These modules include;

  • Safety module
  • Lexium servo motor
  • Extensive line of both analog and digital modules
  • TeSys SoLink motor starter

Programming languages

The Modicon M221 Controller is configured and programmed using the SoMachine Basic software which is free to download and easy to use, no training is required. The SoMachine software is used for all the programming, visualization and commissioning of the Modicon M221. The software supports the following languages;

  • Grafcet (SFC)
  • Grafcet (List)
  • IL (Instruction List)
  • LD (Ladder Diagram)

This controller is a MachineStruxure controller hence is an intuitive solution for machine automation and it offers all the functions that you need to build machines that will are certain to deliver on improved efficiency.

Input management

The Modicon M221 has digital inputs alongside 4 fast inputs. Listed below are configurable functions;

  • Filters
  • Four fast inputs (can either be latched used for events)
  • 10-15 inputs for Start/Stop

Integration filter

Filters are designed to minimize the bouncing effect at the input. To help the controller ignore sudden changes of inputs, a filter value is set. Sudden changes in the input levels are caused by induction due to electromagnetic interference. The bounce filter can be used on a fast input in the event that you are using a latch or event or the HSC is enabled.


This function can be assigned to the controller’s fast inputs. Latching is used to memorize any pulse with a duration less than the controller’s scan time. Whenever a pulse is shorter than one scan, the M221 Logic controller latches the pulse, the pulse is then updated in the next scan. The latching mechanism only recognizes the rising edges but not falling edges.

Benefits of the Modicon M221

The Modicon M221 embodies intuitive programming with SoMachine software which is not only free to download but also easy to use. The controller is also equipped with features and functions that you need to design and build machines in a profitable manner. Moreover, it can be connected to via ethernet, wireless access, web servers to simplify machine integration and maintenance.

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